Reach and Representation: Multimedia, Inc. is Growing in 2013

2013 has already proven to be a year of growth for many businesses and Multimedia, Inc. is no different. With a newly updated website, recent additions to the staff and an expanding representation list, it has been a momentous year for the company.

New Business, New Hires

Roberto (Bob) Oliva is the newest addition to the company as the South Florida Regional Director. Bob is a business development expert with a variety of strong experience in different forms of media, advertising and sales management. His experience in media includes working in broadcasting for NBC, the Spanish International Network and ABC, in print for The Tribune Company and The Miami Herald, as well as a number of radio stations and digital properties.

Bob has a skilled background in product development, consulting and brand positioning, and has developed numerous strategic business development programs for media and communication companies in the US and Latin America. He will be based out of Miami, where client demands, exclusive representation and brand opportunities are constantly increasing. Bob is planning on hitting the ground running this year to continue building on the potential of Multimedia, Inc.’s media properties and brand exposure. With this newest hire, Multimedia, Inc. maintains its commitment to expansion and outreach.

Representing a World Leader

Another sign of the continuing growth of Multimedia, Inc. are the additions to our Latin American media portfolio and newspapers from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, such as the People’s Daily of China. This publication is the largest Chinese newspaper and one of the top 10 in the world, with an average daily circulation of 2.5 million copies.

With satellite printing in 41 Chinese cities and guaranteed early delivery to nearly all subscribers throughout the country, the newspaper offers advertisers a unique opportunity to take advantage of mass audiences.

With Multimedia, Inc. providing representation for The People’s Daily, it represents an important step in our desire to continue expanding throughout the world, specifically in areas such as Asia and Eastern Europe. “Multimedia firmly believes in fulfilling the growing advertising needs of American companies and institutions looking for business opportunities in the giant economies of Asia and those Eastern European nations that recently joined the European Union, and we want to provide them with the best professional service,” said Fernando Mariano, president of Multimedia, Inc.

2013 will continue to be a strong year of expansion and innovation for Multimedia, Inc., with even more useful information added to our website and continued representation around the world. It is our commitment to provide the chance to advertise in so many different new media outlets and larger audiences in other countries.

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Multimedia, Inc. Attends the 2013 Portada’s Latam Advertising and Media Summit

Portada Latam SummitEvery year, leaders from the Latin American advertising, media and content world come together at Portada’s Latam Advertising and Media Summit. The fifth annual edition took place early June in Miami and Multimedia, Inc. joined other industry leaders for two days of new ideas, market intelligence and networking.

For Multimedia, Inc. the event offered a one-of-a-kind opportunity to promote media products, digital properties and titles to agency executives and corporate leaders throughout the industry. Our representatives got the chance to expand their knowledge further during the conference and debate sessions, while spending time with clients and competitors discussing the future of the market and more. The focus at the 2013 event was primarily on Brazil & Mexico and what they have to offer, with regards to advertising and media opportunities.

One Country Takes the Spotlight

Throughout the summit, one of the major reoccurring themes was Brazil’s current boom and the projected exponential growth in the near future in advertising, marketing, and media fueled by the upcoming  international events in the country. Multimedia, Inc. is one of several companies preparing for the influx of media from events like the 2016 Olympics and the 2014 FIFA World Cup, as well as the advertising opportunities that will be offered with such immense exposure to international audiences within Brazil. Discussions and panels throughout the summit focused on what separates Brazil in terms of potential, as well as strategies outlining how advertisers can target within the country and reach more people.

The Importance of Mexico

In addition to discussions of Brazil as a growing advertising force, there was plenty of focus on other key markets as well. The Mexico Tourism Board took part in a panel discussion which highlighted the country’s importance, with regards to their growth and lucrative opportunities for brands. They are positioned to be a tough competitor for Brazil with regards to advertising budget and spending opportunities. Mexico is expected to continue growth in advertising expenditures, with estimated spending of over 6 million US dollars in the country by 2016.

Planning a Return

With so many different agencies and advertising groups prominent in Latin America in attendance, the summit continues to be a great chance for companies like Multimedia, Inc. to grow their brand. “We need to continue promoting our presence in this conference and the major conferences in Miami to stay on top of our game” said Emily Bombardi, Advertising Sales Executive. With Miami being such an important hub of Latin American media, Multimedia, Inc. is planning a continued presence at the annual summit and looks forward to the opportunities it will present in the future.

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Success in Print Advertising: Spring Ahead with 2 Simple Steps

Print BlogThroughout the advertising and marketing world, the use of print media has been severely overlooked recently. A number of businesses are moving a large portion of their marketing strategy to the digital space.  While there’s plenty to gain from high investment in digital advertising channels, campaigns that ignore print advertising can let valuable opportunities slip away.

There are several great benefits with effective print advertising, even in 2013. They’re tangible and can stay in locations for months or years, as opposed to digital ads that are gone in the blink of an eye. Another benefit is the addition of branding and credibility, as an ad in a newspaper or magazine is likely to generate a lot more trust than a pop-up ad or banner online.

The key to being successful with print advertising is separating your company from the pack. You can’t just throw an ad out with little strategy and expect it to generate credibility and brand consistency. We’ve come up with a couple of ways to take your print ads up a level, so they’re generating major success where so many others are just getting mediocre returns.

Get Even More Visual 

Art and design have always ridden shotgun with content when it comes to effectiveness in print advertisements. Today, the value of using newspapers and magazines for branding has made the visuals of the ads more important than ever. This importance is tied to the speed with which we’re consuming information these days and the fact that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. People are flipping through the pages faster than ever and the best way to capture their attention is with an effective visual.

With good visuals you can do great things for your company, but two in particular can give you an extra lift. First, use the design and imagery to make the ad instantly recognizable. In today’s world, people are moving 100mph everywhere they go, and it takes something striking to make someone stop and read. Take a look at some of these recent examples of innovative print work and find out what stands out for the crowd. Here you will see visual images that tie in with the message of selling. Having good imagery is one thing, but tying excellent visuals with the content drives home success in these media outlets.

The other thing you should do visually is make sure that your brand is clearly evident upon looking at the ads. There’s nothing worse in print advertising than creating a great campaign idea, from both a content and design angle, but then not letting your brand be a part of what’s easily conveyed. There are plenty of ways to make your brand stand out, whether it’s a prominently displayed logo or integrating the colors of your company. In stages of production, it’s wise to run your ads through some people from your target audience so that you can see whether your message is registering and lines up with your brand’s image.

Integrate & Think Beyond the Page

From a digital perspective, content marketing is a driving force that’s generating conversions and sales online, through the dispersal of useful information through various outlets and cross-platform strategies. The question for print advertisers is, what are you doing to contribute to the content marketing effectiveness? While print collateral can be a major part of content marketing for companies, ads in magazines and newspapers are commonly lacking in messaging and brand consistency.

There are tons of ways to integrate print ads in to your content marketing strategy, but it starts at the beginning of your campaign process. For example, if you have a digital strategy that segments and targets a specific part of your market, why not add a print campaign to the fold? This can be especially effective when you think about the number of magazines and the opportunity to connect to your target audience consistently through multiple publications. Platforms like this allow you to increase the frequency of your message and reinforce your brand by connecting with the audience where they are consuming media.

As for the ad itself, you can implement the visual suggestions we’ve made for you and tie it in with content that goes along with your other marketing platforms. Even taking a page out of what television marketers are doing is strong, such as promoting social media and creating engagement. While many magazine and newspaper ads lack the ability for instant measuring on the level of success that digital and television have, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to take their minds off the page and into your online community through things like QR codes, hashtags and promotional tie-ins.

Despite what you may have heard, print is alive and well, and still is a great method of reaching a target market and reinforcing your brand. However, the key to success in today’s newspapers and magazines is taking the extra step to develop a message and imagery that is striking, memorable, and effective in getting your brand’s characteristics to the reader.

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photo by nnova