3 Simple Tips to Launch Your Trade Magazine Ad Strategy

trade launchTrade magazines present a truly rare opportunity for advertisers when it comes to print outlets. Marketers can take advantage of heavy targeting within their own sector, often a difficult task when spending on ads in newspapers or consumer magazines which generally have a diverse audience composition.

With the opportunity for targeting, the execution of the campaigns in trade magazines is make or break, even more so than regular print advertisements. Messaging and design must be on point every time since you are marketing directly to those people most important throughout your own industry. Because of this, we have a few tips regarding both design and messaging that you can include in your overall strategy for advertising in trade publications.

Research is Key

One of the biggest tips for advertising in trade magazines is to do your due diligence when it comes to researching the audience. As previously mentioned, the extremely focused target markets of trade magazines present a rare opportunity for marketers, but that’s only if you cover the research necessary to take advantage.

In doing research, your company’s goal should be to gather as much information as possible, but to be wise how it’s used. Aggregating large bits of information will give your company the opportunity to analyze a variety of different things, such as age demographic, reader profile and much more. Using these characteristics, you can begin to build a messaging strategy based off the combination of key selling points, as well as the target market.

Doing research must continue throughout the process of advertising as well. As every marketer knows, the first attempt to sell often requires subsequent attempts. With research to adjust and re-target campaigns, your company will be in a better position for success in trade magazines.

Keep Your Brand Consistent

Trade magazines are a different beast from your average print publication. That’s why our next tip is to focus on brand consistency with a long-term multi ad campaign that doesn’t just center on some of the individual products or services you offer.

One of the best goals to set with advertising in trade magazines is to establish the brand for your sales team to make their work process easier. You can do this with ad consistency in different issues of the trade magazine. Of course, this doesn’t mean running the same ad over and over, but rather sticking to certain brand guidelines and design characteristics for your company so that your brand idea and image are reinforced with the target audience.

If you have a set of consistently branded ads leveraged in multiple issues of the same trade magazine, you can go a long way to reinforcing your value within the sector. Tying them together with things like themes, colors and design consistencies will help. This allows you to maintain a standard image while still being extremely creative and original every time.

Mix up the Messaging

This last tip could probably be used for any print publication, not just trade magazines, but it’s just as important to use in your strategy. The fast-paced nature of life has shortened attention spans. This isn’t just online, but just as much when it comes to reading print publications.

To respond to what your audience is doing, it’s important to create ads with messaging that caters to this fast-pace. You can do this with some of these things:

  • Bullets
  • Subheads
  • Illustrations
  • Callouts for important phrases

By inputting this into your ad content, you cater to someone who may only have time to skim the ad. You need to be aware that even in a trade magazine, where people from the industry are reading, you will be able to reach more people and get more across with messaging that isn’t just walls of text.

These are three simple additions you can make to your advertising strategy and they can pay off heavily in the long run. With a solid campaign based on research, you can focus the message to your audience more specifically than ever. With consistency in branding, you reinforce the company as a leader in the industry. With content techniques such as subheads and bulleted messaging, you cater to a wider audience and highlight the important points for quick readers. Add these to your strategy and explore a number of trade magazine options with Multimedia, Inc.


photo by NASA Goddard