The Olympic Advertising Effect: Looking Forward to Rio de Janeiro

olympicsWhen people in the US think of advertising and sporting events, the first thought is usually about the Super Bowl and the major hype that surrounds the commercials every year. However, companies using the Olympics to their advantage are arguably putting out better ads, reaching wider audiences and spending wiser.

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi are proving this advantage, as a number of advertisers are putting their brands “in the rink” to reach the visitors and attendees in Sochi, as well as those tuning in on television from all over the world. Networks are experiencing record numbers in advertising revenue and it’s continuing to grow as the games go on. So what does this mean for the 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro?

We are about two years from the lighting of the torch for the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and it’s clear that the event will be a major opportunity for advertisers, perhaps the largest when it comes to a single event and total ad spending in multiple media outlets.

New Frontiers in Advertising

One thing that has always been evident is that marketing and advertising is evolving. Traditional outlets such as print, television and digital will likely maintain their dominance, but within each, new trends will help to define advertising success for these major platforms. In the past two years alone, digital has developed in a major way, and print and television remain highly effective. We’ve seen the growth of cross content strategies involving all three, as they have proven to be successful in giving the audience a full experience across multiple media outlets.

With changes in the industry being inevitable, this should have advertisers and marketers thinking ahead. Staying on the cusp of what’s happening in the industry should always be a part of the goal, but with a targeted plan to put your brand in front of audiences during an event as large as this, cutting-edge and groundbreaking marketing and advertising could prove to be of significant influence. The one thing we know for sure is that smart brands will be focused on new and innovative efforts to get more exposure during the 2016 games.

Planning Ahead

Though the Summer Olympics are still two years away, planning ahead is a major component to a successful advertising campaign during the event. One great way to do this is to research Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, as well as some of the media outlets and locations where your brand could thrive and reach new audiences.

Brazil is home to numerous different options for print, digital, television, radio and OOH advertisers, many of which will offer a unique opportunity for brands in 2016. By doing your research now, you could find the perfect places to take advantage and get a leg up on competitors.

One other great way to plan ahead is to monitor what similar companies and brands did during the Sochi Olympics this year. There have been a number of great campaigns in the United States and internationally during these games, many of which are focused or partly focused on content that ties their own brand into the Olympics.

Keeping a good eye on what’s working right now is an excellent planning tool if your brand is interested in advertising at or around the next Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. There are so many different companies leveraging the mass audiences and visitors, that there is plenty to learn on what to do and what not to do when it comes putting your brand in front of the right eyes during an event such as this.

With the Sochi Olympics in Russia finished, keep your brand’s eyes on what advertisers are doing to increase their exposure this winter. Doing so could give your company a unique opportunity and advantage when it comes to reaching one-of-a-kind audiences during the Olympics in 2016.