3 Tips for Targeting Your Advertising in Brazil

One of the most important parts of advertising is to make sure your ads are accurately placed in front of your core market. With all of the time, effort and money spent developing and launching ad campaigns, especially internationally, there’s no chance for positive return on your marketing investment if the audience is unreceptive, simply because it was incorrectly targeted.

With that said, it’s important to have a strategic targeting plan with comprehensive understanding of what, how and when your audience uses the different media outlets you can advertise on. Fortunately, the Brazilian government and the Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics (IBOPE) recently published a survey called Pesquisa Brasileira de Mídia (PBM) which includes results from surveys on residents and their media consumption.

From the results of this survey, we’ve compiled a list of three important tips to keep in mind when deciding how to target your desired audience in Brazil:

1. Understand Which Outlets Your Audience Prefers

Despite ever-advancing technology and the influence of the younger generations, some traditional media outlets still have a strong following and are relied upon for daily use by a majority of Brazil’s population.


magazine-newspaper-stackThe vast majority of readers choose print versions of newspapers and magazines over digital, with only 10 percent claiming to read their news online. Keep this in mind when deciding whether to display your ads in the print pages of well-read publications, or on their website.

Print format is beneficial for targeting by location or interest group, as there are numerous regional and niche publications available for ad placement, in addition to Brazil’s major national newspapers.


Similar to print media, 80 percent of Brazilians still prefer traditional AM/FM radios over newer, alternative digital or satellite radio options, with only 8 percent of Brazilians reporting that they listen to the radio on a mobile device. Advertising by AM/FM radio in Brazil allows you to connect with listeners through targeted news, music and talk radio channels that match your audience’s interests.


If you are looking to expand your brand awareness and reach the masses, you may find television ads have everything you’re looking for. Commercials have consistently been the top format for ad spending all over the world, and this is unlikely to change as television has nearly 100 percent penetration of the market in Brazil.


Internet has a large user base in Brazil, with 71 percent of Brazilians using the Internet on computers and laptops and 66 percent browsing the web on their cell phones. Tablets, on the other hand, are markedly less popular, with only 7 percent of users accessing the Internet on these devices. With these statistics, it’s important to consider ad formats for both desktop and mobile displays within your ad campaign strategy.

2. Know the Frequency of Audience Media Use

While some media outlets may be popular overall, your ideal audience may rarely use them. To effectively target your audience and see a return on your advertising efforts, it’s important to know the frequency with which they use various media outlets.


Survey results showed approximately one-fifth of Brazilians read newspapers and magazines at least oncea week, while the rest read less often. This frequency is something to keep in mind when planning a print advertising campaign in Brazil. For example, you will get higher engagement if you run an ad in a newspaper or magazine for a month rather than just running it for one week.


car-radioRadio listeners are tuned in at an average of almost four hours each weekday and two and a half hours on weekends. More than half of Brazilians listen to the radio at least once a week, while 30 percent are daily listeners. Radio continues to be popular among those who spend long hours in the car, so when combined with the correct radio station for your target, it can be a great outlet with a higher probability of reaching your audience when advertising through it.


Nearly three quarters of the Brazilian population watches TV every day for more than four hours at a time. With an incredible variety in programming, it’s crucial to research and understand what your audience will be watching and when. Once you know what programming your audience is most likely to show interest in, there is a significantly high probability of reaching your target market when they are watching considering how frequently all demographics watch TV.


Half of Brazilians are Internet users, with 49 percent of those being weekly users and 37 percent being daily users. Second to TV, the Internet is the format Brazilians spend the most time on, averaging about four and a half hours per day.

While other traditional advertising outlets can take weeks and months of planning, the Internet is the only outlet that allows you to reach your audience in real-time, with faster campaign turnaround and the ability to test different ad messages in your market. Combine that with researched understanding of when your audience is online and the above-mentioned frequency with which they use the Internet and you have a great platform for advertising success.

3. Reach Your Audience at the Time They are Most Active

Does your target audience work a typical nine-to-five job, or are they more night owls? Knowing exactly when your consumer base is active on certain media outlets will help your advertisements reach your consumer base right when they are ready to engage.


Advertisers can engage Brazilian consumers in their target market through channel and time selection. Morning commuters listen to the radio for traffic reports, talk shows and entertainment on their way to work or school. This is evident, as the peak time for radio in Brazil is between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM.


The variety of programming television provides can create endless targeting opportunities for commercial advertising. Pre-planned programming and specific time-slots for certain shows can help you learn when your ideal audience is most likely to be watching.

For example, if your target audience is mainly pre-teens, you won’t target your audience during the nightly news or programs that are on during school hours. Knowing what your audience will most likely tune in to ensures your commercials will have greater success.


kid-using-internetWhen choosing to place a digital ad, keep in mind the Internet habits of your audience. Midnight to 6:00 AM has the lowest usage of the Internet in Brazil, but this increases to a peak at 10:00 AM. The highest peak of the day for Internet use is from 8:00 PM until 9:00 PM, right before usage declines again.

You also want to consider if your audience is younger and more likely to stay up later browsing the web, or if they are older and more likely to rise earlier in the morning to check their email.


Regardless of which format you choose to reach the Brazilian market, Multimedia can provide you with exclusive placement opportunities on ANY of these that can enhance your ad performance through our proven relationships with media contacts in the region. To learn more about the ad placement opportunities we have to help your business target the Brazilian market, contact us today.


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