Advertising Spotlight: Mexico in 2013

advertising spotlight MexicoWhen it comes to international media placement, deciding which countries you choose to market your company in is an important decision when trying to reach your target audience. With our Advertising Spotlight posts, we’ll take a look at several different countries where you could see success, through analysis of that country’s recent trends, popular media outlets and more. With our first spotlight, we look at Mexico, where digital is booming and spending is soaring.


Mexico has experienced growth in ad revenue over the last three years, which should be quite attractive to potential marketers looking for international placement. On top of that, the country is expected to experience a double-digit growth in digital ad spending through 2017, according to eMarketer. Also impressive is the fact that since 2009, the country has exceeded 30 percent growth in ad spending every year.

The digital ad spending combines online and mobile estimates, and shows the growing opportunity within those verticals. Nearly 45 percent of mobile phone users own smartphones, according to this same forecast. This is great news for marketers who want to use mobile and tablet advertising to their advantage.

With an upward trending digital outlook for spending within Mexico, companies looking for digital growth should have their eyes on the country for other reasons as well. In addition to the growth of digital ad spending, the demand is also present. According to Internet World Stats, in 2012 there were 42 million internet users (36 percent), with expected growth up to 53.8 percent by the year 2016.


Mexico is a great landscape for advertisers and marketers, when you consider the population and booming industries within the country. With a population of over 100 million people, there are plenty of Spanish language advertising opportunities. The country has a variety of major industries that marketers can target in on, including food and beverage, tobacco, chemicals, petroleum, textiles, tourism, and more.

Media Outlet Showcase – El Universal

El Universal is one of the premier newspapers in Mexico which has been around since 1916. The print edition of the newspaper has an estimated 300,000 readers, while the online version is currently the second largest news site in Mexico, an outstanding prospect for digital advertisers.

The paper is always changing and updating, conveying top political and social news, as well as general interest information that the society depends on. With constant streams of varying topics of news streaming through El Universal’s print and digital platforms, it represents one of the single largest advertising opportunities for those looking to build an audience in Mexico!

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Photo by Rob Young