Traditional and Digital Media – a Successful Partnership

Shifts in technology and its use in advertising have led to many discussions on the use of both traditional media and digital media—what is more dominant, should you only use one, how do they affect your ad budget, etc. Just last year digital media surpassed traditional media in both ad spending and consumption in the US and digital is set to continue its steady growth globally in 2014. Although the two types of advertising are frequently pitted against one another in competition for dollars this doesn’t have to be the case. Traditional and digital media can work together in partnership to best reach businesses and consumers in target markets.

traditional and digital media Is Digital the New Traditional Media?

Traditional media was once king of ad spending. It has so recently been dethroned in favor of digital, but does that mean digital is the “new traditional media”? Not quite. It may be the primary thought for many ad buyers, but traditional media is not dead. Matter of fact, digital is better used in tandem with traditional platforms. Newspapers, television, and magazines are the media consumers find most trustworthy due to their more thorough vetting process for ad placement. Whereas, digital media has a far wider span and is expanding steadily. If used together they can make for a successful pairing.

The Marriage of Digital + Print

One way these ad types work best together is through “digital + print” packages. Shifting away from advertising in more traditional mediums, like newspapers and magazines, means losing those readers. While print publications may be waning in the US, some of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) are actually seeing growing numbers. Adding a digital + print package is a way to expand viewership without overextending ad budgets. For example, Brazil’s largest media group O Globo hosts Rio de Janeiro’s most influential newspaper as well as the country’s top daily news website. O Globo even has an iPad app. Particularly with the upcoming World Cup, the reach benefit gained by spending ad dollars on a digital + print package is why the partnership of digital and traditional media shouldn’t be ignored during this time of digital growth.

With this approach you can see that digital media is not in a race to overthrow traditional media from the advertising throne. These media types aren’t fighting to the death; they are working together peacefully to enhance viewership and the company’s overall reach. Dividing your ad budget across both traditional and digital media makes a strong partnership for this growing space of advertising opportunities.