Advertising Spotlight: Argentina in 2013

ARGOur advertising spotlights give you an in-depth look at all the diverse countries where your company can market itself, including recent trends, analytics, popular media outlets and more. For this spotlight, we’ll be taking a look at Argentina, with a population of close to 41 million, and a reputation as one of the most technologically advanced countries in South America.


Few places in Latin America are experiencing the type of media growth that Argentina is. In the digital space, things are really picking up. The social media landscape is booming everywhere, but in Argentina, close to 90 percent of all internet users are going social online according to a recent report from Télam. That’s a considerable change, with just 25 percent of the country’s users on social media back in 2010.

Also online, radio and video are gaining heavy traction. According to comScore, online radio experienced a 17 percent increase in unique visitors between 2012 and 2013. This increase should be music to the ears of marketers looking to reach audiences through audio, as advertising is a top revenue driver for these internet radio sources.

In addition to Argentina’s online radio use, video remains a huge path for advertisers and marketers to reach their target audience. Nearly all of the country’s internet users are watching online video, as comScore also recently reported that 96 percent of people on the internet in Argentina are watching videos, with an average of 117 videos per month, per person.


As mentioned earlier, Argentina’s population recently surpassed the 41 million mark and continues to grow, making it a great spot to reach a variety of audiences. With media use continuing to boom, there are a number of different Spanish language advertising opportunities. The country has a variety of different booming industries to advertise to as well, including food, motor vehicles, textiles, chemicals, printing, steel, agriculture and more.

Media Outlet Showcase – Apertura

Much like America’s largest business magazines such as Forbes and Fortune, Apertura plays a large role in spreading important financial news throughout Argentina. Apertura is constantly providing Argentinians with the latest in economic updates, reports and news, not just from Argentina, but from around the world.

The magazine was started in 1983, and has a monthly circulation of 29,000. As one of the best-selling economics and business magazines in the country, marketers can take advantage of a focused target audience in Apertura, with a high amount of decision-making readers. The opportunity to put your brand in front of the right readers makes Apertura a truly unique opportunity for those who want to take advantage of the large market in Argentina.

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Photo by quimpg