The Place to Advertise in 2013 and Beyond

Brazil1A lot of countries can make a case when it comes to prospective advertisers. For many high population nations, picking a place to advertise can be like surfing the candy aisle. There are plenty of good ones to choose from, but some are more popular than others.

If you’re looking for the best country to promote your brand in, many factors must come into play. Some of the most important include diversity, population, concentration of your target market, average ROI and much more. You want your company or client to get exposure and reach major audiences, and that means finding a place that presents great opportunity within those mentioned factors.

Brazil is the country for brand exposure

From 2013 to 2016 at the least, Brazil presents one of the most unique advertising and marketing opportunities in decades. Two of the world’s largest sporting events will be taking place in the country around a similar timeframe, the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics.

In addition to these two massive events, the country will be hosting a variety of other major events, including World Youth Day 2013 and the recently concluded, FIFA Confederations Cup. As a prelude to next summer’s soccer action, the FIFA Confederations Cup generated a boost for the country’s tourism this summer, selling over 13,000 tickets to foreigners and producing millions of dollars for the local economy.

Advertisers can cash in on tourism

This schedule should be appetizing to potential advertisers. The World Cup and Olympics draw in millions on name alone, and Brazil’s stature as a weather destination should only add to those numbers. The World Cup brought five million people to South Africa in 2010, while estimates for the 2012 Summer Olympics figured close to 11 million people traveled to England. Brazil should experience similar or better numbers, which is great news for businesses looking to grow their brand.

For these companies and agencies, the most appealing thing is not just the sheer numbers of people within the country, but the diversity of target markets to which they can advertise to. There will be large audiences for a variety of different industries to market to, not just hospitality, as industries such as energy, financial, utilities, aerospace and many more all regularly thrive in Brazil.

Marketing is already growing in Brazil

In addition to the variety of tourist-driving events that will be located in Brazil in coming years, the country is currently experiencing rapid growth in different marketing formats, such as digital and cross-media. Internet use recently topped the 100 million mark, according to Associação Brasileira de Telecomunicações. Even print is expanding with the use of pop-out ads and more. Advertisers and marketers are combining media outlets for campaigns and taking advantage of the growing digital space, which should be music to the ears for those looking to grow their brand internationally.

Brazil offers an expanded list of benefits for international advertisers, but the upcoming schedule separates it from the opportunities other country’s present in coming years. Audiences in the country will grow, as will the formats to get the media to those audiences. With those two statistics pushing upward, it isn’t hard to see the strong potential for advertisers and marketers in Brazil.

Multimedia, Inc. is home to exclusive media placement relationships with a number of large outlets in Brazil. If you’re interested in expanding your reach to Brazilian audiences through one of these formats or many more, contact us today.


Photo by anijdam