4 Advantages to Working With a Media Buying Agency

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Your team has spent countless hours developing a compelling ad campaign with high hopes of achieving impressive results. Now you’re ready to launch, but you want to maximize the reach of your efforts by expanding into a new market. There’s only one problem: You have no idea who to contact or how to get your ad in front of your desired audience.

This is where a media buying agency can help your campaign thrive. With the extensive knowledge and experience of the right agency, your campaign can achieve high exposure that results in the maximum ROI.

Here are the top four reasons why a media buying agency is a must for any company interested in global advertising:

Market Expertise

When choosing a media buying agency, you’re afforded the opportunity to work with a company that has extensive experience in your specific industry. They know the ins and outs of the digital and print marketplace, which means they understand the right moves to make and to avoid. You’ll be able to work with a team that understands the culture of your market, is aware of new and developing advertising trends and knows how to work within the economy of each country where you’d like to advertise.

More than just market knowledge, media buying agencies have worked to create long-standing relationships with reputable media outlets. This makes it significantly easier for them to work and publish on your behalf since there is already a relationship and trust established between the agency and outlets.

Advertising Savings

Because of the high volume of business they bring to vendors, media buyers are often able to negotiate favorable outcomes for their clients. Agencies also ensure their clients have the best terms and rates for their advertising goals, which may even result in bonus media space or extended contracts. With a media buying agency on your side, you can be confident that your business’ best interests are always first priority.

Overcome Language Barriers and Time ZonesBlog 2

We understand the great appeal of advertising overseas and the potential benefits it can have for a company. However, there’s one logistical issue standing in your way and that’s the language barrier. How are you going to get the best ad placement when you’re struggling to communicate a simple “hello”?

Agencies work with foreign vendors on a daily basis and are experts in dealing with changing time zones, be that within America or abroad. They eliminate the stress of communication to ensure the correspondence is most effective in achieving your goals.


As we’ve stated, agencies do more than just eliminate the layers of contact that you’re used to going through to execute a campaign. They thoroughly research the market you’re in and any available media opportunities so your campaign is placed in front of an engaged, responsive audience.

With this knowledge, agencies can streamline the process of placing ads in print, television, radio and more. This expediency can save you time, which will allow you to focus on more important aspects of your business.

At Multimedia, our highly trained specialists are well versed in advertising in over 31 different countries. From digital to print, whether on billboards or online, our advertising representatives are ready to help your brand reach a global audience.

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