Advertising Spotlight: Venezuela in 2014

VENOur advertising spotlights take you inside recent trends of the diverse countries your company can market itself, recapping analytics, popular media sources and much more. This month, we’re examining Venezuela, home to a few recent digital trends that are making it stand out in the Latin American media landscape, including promising numbers for advertisers when it comes to internet use, social media and other digital factors.


A 2013 report on Venezuela’s digital trends from comScore revealed a variety of important numbers that should define the country’s role as a growing advertising destination in the next decade. Social media continues to be a major outlet to Venezuelan audiences, much like the rest of the world, but it continues to see high growth year over year. Between 2012 and 2013, there was an 8 percent growth in social media use, keeping the country near the top of the list for nations strongly utilizing social networks.

One of the most staggering numbers from the report included nearly an 88 percent usage share when it comes to Facebook, which takes up most of the social media time for Venezuelan internet users. Facebook is also the most popular website in the country, with 7 million unique visitors, while Twitter and LinkedIn have had 2.5 million and 1.3 million Venezuelan visits in the past year respectively.

Advertisers looking to capitalize in the Venezuelan market have a variety of different industries and segments where large audiences await. According to the comScore report, visitor growth online has trended upward the most for three categories: banking websites saw a 73 percent growth, retail sites grew in use by 61 percent and government sites by 41 percent.


One of the most appealing parts about advertising and marketing to Venezuelan audiences is the continued growth and variety of major markets within the country. Venezuela has a population of over 29 million, which has grown by nearly 4 million people in the past 10 years. Among the countries major industries are petroleum, iron ore, cereals, fruit, sugar and coffee, but as we mentioned earlier, markets such as retail, banking and government are home to growing audiences within digital platforms.

Media Outlet Showcase – El Universal

As one of the most read and far reaching newspapers in Venezuela, El Universal has a major reputation within the country as a valuable and reliable source of news, politics, sports, economics and more. El Universal has been around since 1909, and is widely considered the leading general interest newspaper in Venezuela.

The paper has a daily circulation of close to 100,000 readers, with about 242,000 readers on Sundays, which means advertisers can reach big audiences by getting their brand on these pages. The fact that El Universal has such a well-regarded reputation in providing different kinds of news makes it a destination commodity for marketers looking to reach different types of crowds and target markets.

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Photo by Cristobal Alvarado Minic