Advertising Spotlight: India in 2014

Another month is here, as well as another opportunity to take an in depth advertising look at a different international country. This month we focus on India, the world’s second largest country in terms of population and home to plenty of upward swinging trends when it comes to digital marketing, advertising and communications.


India has been experiencing plenty of changes, just like the rest of the world, in terms of social media habits, smartphone use and digital marketing. In a recent report on “Digital India 2014” by IdeateLABS, there were quite a few revelations and trend predictions in terms of India and the rest of the Asia-Pacific area. We’ll cover some of the highlights.
Although India’s percentages of use are a bit lower than many countries in terms of digital, their overall population being so high means that there are plenty of advertising opportunities on these platforms. In 2013, the online population in India reached 205 million, a new high, with predictions to grow to 350 million by 2015.
Social use continues to be huge in India, as 86 percent of internet users in the country are visiting social networking sites. A great example of this growth includes Facebook, who has nearly 60 million visitors on PC’s alone in India, and use of the social network has grown by 28 percent in the last year. In addition to online use, India has 950 million mobile users, making it the fastest growing mobile subscriber country in the world.


The sheer amount of people in India makes it an appealing place to put your brand on display. It is home to over 1.2 billion people and growing, with 52 percent of the population under the age of 25. The country has the biggest mid-income group in the world, with over 150 million households. There are a number of major industries in India to target advertising to, including chemicals, steel, transportation equipment, machinery, mining and many more.Hindustan Times

Media Outlet Showcase – Hindustan Times

The Hindustan Times was founded back in 1924 and currently serves as the primary English language newspaper in India’s capital city, New Delhi. It is one of the largest newspapers in the country, with over 15 million in circulation. With weekly newspapers and its corresponding magazines, it has a total circulation of over 17 million.
The paper has a variety of subjects, covering major Indian news focusing on politics, entertainment, sports, business, tech and much more. Because of the wide variety of topics and such a large corresponding circulation, this makes the Hindustan Times an excellent home for advertising to a number of different markets, with one of the most unique and promising opportunities to reach audiences through global print.