3 Out of Home Advertising Trends for 2013

OOHGetting media placement in prime Out of Home (OOH) advertising locations has been crucial for companies looking to expand their audience for a long time. Out of home advertisements continue to remain an effective way to reach a larger crowd, but in 2013 the tide is changing with new trends. Just like in other parts of the marketing world, many out of home strategies are beginning to shift to digital.

Digital Targeting

The shift to digital advertisements in the outdoor space is nothing new. Companies have long been using digital ads outdoors to grab attention, but this year, many will be taking an extra step to leave their brands on people’s minds long after they have seen the ad. Customization with different forms of digital outdoor advertising everywhere, from airports and taxis to shopping malls, will allow more clients to directly target specific audiences with:

  • Precise locations
  • Different ad content
  • Particular time slots

Digital advertising is certainly expected to continue growing this year and the OOH portion of that will as well. Look for companies from all over to expand their digital budgets and spend more on OOH advertisements than they have in quite some time.

Interactive Displays

For places like airports and shopping malls, the introduction of even more interactive advertising is extremely likely in 2013. We’ve already been seeing some interactive displays being used, but for the most part, this strategy remains at an infant stage. Compared to traditional outdoor campaigns, using interactive displays on LED screens and other formats will allow companies to increase their chance of conversions by promoting more instant relations with the customer.

While interactive marketing has grown heavily in social media and other formats, expect many companies to begin to do so in 2013. LED technology is also expected to play a big part in this shift, as it’s great for viewing from long distances; it also allows for interactive capability and will be implemented for different ads everywhere, from shopping malls to highway billboards.

Crossover Appeal

Look for 2013 to be a year when many of the online advertising and marketing strategies start to creep themselves into the outdoor media picture. We’ve already mentioned things such as interaction and digital displays, but there are many strategies being applied online that will soon be helping outdoor advertising. For example, social media platforms, such as Foursquare, have already begun letting customers check into billboards and receive corresponding benefits. This allows for different deals to be given out at different locations, which relates back to our first trend of targeting.

The use of interactive displays will also allow outdoor campaigns to tie into digital and online campaigns as well. Imagine social media contests and check-ins, being combined with displays in places like shopping plazas. This cross-platform marketing would allow for companies to experience a level of interaction with customers and potential for conversion that’s been previously unreachable for a long time.

We would love to help you get the best outdoor advertising space possible. Besides our exclusive worldwide representation of the Brazilian airport and shopping malls digital display network, Indoormidia, Multimedia, Inc. has relationships with several OOH networks across the world, which can allow you to get prime media placement in a variety of different channels. Contact us today to learn more!