Advertising Across Media Outlets through Storytelling

content-experienceWith so many options of product and service providers across all markets, the fight to stand out and engage with your desired audience can become very difficult.

However, one of the most powerful ways a brand can identify and engage with their customers is by telling a story. When you combine a well-defined story with your advertising across various media outlets, you end up with a much more successful impact on your target audience.

In this blog article we are going to discuss how to tell a great story for your brand’s campaign and how to integrate it in your advertising across various media outlets.

How to Tell a Story

The creation of compelling storytelling engages the audience by adding emotional appeal and authenticity to your brand. When creating a narrative for your advertising campaigns, it is more than just “branded content.” It is content that makes the audience emotionally relate to your campaign so that they feel connected with the brand and are more inclined remember you and potentially share information about you with others.

Your story can be long, it can be short, it can be serious, or it can be funny. As long as it creates a strong feeling for your audience that they can relate to, it will have better resonance with your audience.

Integrating Across Media Campaigns

Stories connect with real human experiences, cutting through the clutter of standard advertisements. However, to drive the goals of an advertising campaign, the story must carry through multiple forms of media. Creating a story that spans across multiple media outlets creates greater potential to:

  • Reach a larger portion of your audience
  • Create a longer-term impact
  • Enhance brand recognition within your audience
  • Allow you to provoke higher engagement across media outlets

You can use traditional formats – such as TV, billboards and newspaper – and combine it with digital media formats – such as digital ad placement and your own website – to enhance the story you are trying to tell in the campaigns.

As stated in Pickton and Broderick’s book Integrated Marketing Communications, there are 4 Cs that should be followed when working to integrate a story and advertising campaign across multiple outlets:

  • Coherence – different communications are logically connected
  • Consistency – multiple messages support and reinforce, and are not contradictory
  • Continuity – communications are connected and consistent through time
  • Complementary – synergistic, or the sum of the parts is greater than the whole


A great example of telling a strong and relatable story across various advertising outlets was Nike’s Find Your Greatness campaign. This launched in association with the Olympics and used the idea that greatness is not just for elite athletes, but is something everyone can aspire to in our own way.

It connects Nike’s brand slogan – Just Do It – to real people taking part in amateur sports. It was placed in TV ads before, during and after the Olympics, as well as relevant print magazines and digital ad placement, with consistent messaging and with the various ad formats complementing each other in a cohesive presentation.

Getting Your Story Placed

Once you have developed a branded story, it’s a matter of finding the RIGHT media outlets to launch your campaign. Multimedia gives advertisers exclusive access to multiple media placement opportunities to capture the interest of your target market, whether through tradition or digital advertising.

If you would like to learn more about our exclusive placement opportunities to help tell your story, contact us.

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