Advertising Spotlight: Colombia in 2014

ColombiaOur advertising spotlight is back and this month we’ll focus in on a Latin American country that has the potential to grow considerably in coming years. Digital marketing has been expanding rapidly over the last year, especially in Latin America, and Colombia is one of the countries at the heart of its growth as we enter 2014.


Like many places around the world, the internet is booming in Colombia, and a number of different digital trends are in an upswing in the country. According to LatinLink, Social media is being utilized by 96 percent of all Colombian internet users, which is a staggering number. Even more interesting is that in terms of time spent on social media sites per internet user, Colombia ranks in the top 10 of the world with an average of 7.9 hours a month, according to the same research. Utilization of major sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare and Badoo all have contributed greatly to these numbers.

Colombians are using the internet for their news as well, as 50 percent of users are visiting news sites where advertising is heavily prominent. The average for Latin America was 43 percent, which shows that when it comes to advertising-heavy media platforms, Colombia is a great place to target large audiences.

Mobile usage is also booming in Colombia according to research in August from LatinLink, as smartphones are being used by larger sectors of the population.  Mobile subscriptions such as apps and other services grew by 18 percent in the country in 2013, with over 65 million subscriptions in total.


With a population of over 45 million, Colombia has been experiencing strong growth in business throughout the 2000’s, making it an excellent place for advertisers and marketers to reach major audiences. There are a number of Spanish language marketing opportunities within the country’s numerous digital and print outlets. A sample of some of Colombia’s largest industries includes textiles, coffee, oil, narcotics, sugar cane and food processing.

Media Outlet Showcase – El Espectador

El Espectador is one of the most prestigious newspapers in Colombia with major popularity in readers ranging from 25 to 54 years old. Started in 1887, the paper is released daily and is the oldest of its kind in the country. It focuses in on political, literary and industrial news, as well as op-ed articles. Instead of covering breaking news, the paper tends to focus on analysis of existing and recent news.

For advertisers, El Espectador offers a unique opportunity in Colombia. It has a daily circulation of 50,000 people and reaches 190,000 on Sundays. For marketers trying to reach the Hispanic market, this presents the chance to be placed in front of some of the largest audiences in Latin America and focus on specific target markets and readers.

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Photo by DeptfordJon