World Cup Advertising: Where to Promote Your Brand in Summer 2014

Brazil soccer3.18 million. This is the total amount of people who attended matches during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Next summer in Brazil, similar numbers are expected to crowd into the country who has won more World Cups than any other, for the globe’s most widely-viewed sporting event.

With massive numbers of people attending from all over the globe, summer 2014 in Brazil is going to be a truly unique advertising opportunity for many companies. Brands can grow not only by reaching different types of people, but also through a variety of different platforms. Brazil’s media landscape has flourished in recent years and has plenty to offer when it comes to getting your company in front of potential customers. To get you ready for this opportunity ahead of time, we’re highlighting a few of the great places to advertise on each media platform.


When it comes to out of home advertising (OOH), the many cities that will be home to World Cup contests will all present unique opportunities to reach massive amounts of people. Transportation advertisements will be highly successful, with visitors stepping into taxis and buses. Imagine your brand in front of millions of those attendees.

Subways, newsstands and billboards throughout the many different host locations in Brazil will also be highly valuable for advertisers. With heavy foot traffic due to the high amounts of visitors for these games, more eyes will be on the billboards, people will be buying plenty from newsstands and the subways will certainly have more riders. Brands will thrive with their names and imagery on all three of these options in Brazil.


Newspaper circulation is growing in Brazil, and there are plenty of outlets to choose from next summer. Lance! is an excellent publication that already has strong circulation, and should continue to see even more with the World Cup in Brazil. It is one of the country’s largest sports newspapers, started back in 1997.

This newspaper will surely have a ton of focus on the tournament in 2014, offering your brand the opportunity to reach the type of audience that will want to read more about what’s going on. With fans of soccer spanning all different types of industries, this paper offers a variety of different brands a great opportunity to reach more potential customers.


Época is one of Brazil’s most widely read magazines, focused on weekly news and analysis for a variety of different topics. The magazine has a very graphic-heavy feel, which should be great news for advertisers, as good campaigns with branding and visuals will fit right in with the overall feel of the publication.

With a wide-ranging topic base, Época allows brands to reach all kinds of readers. And with so many people in the country, such a diverse and news-heavy weekly magazine is sure to see a major influx of readership throughout the World Cup.


As the digital presence for the most popular daily newspaper in Brazil, O Globo receives high internet traffic on a regular basis. Based out of Rio de Janeiro, they provide breaking news for the country, with up-to-the-minute reports in the digital space.

Both residents and visitors in Brazil during the World Cup will be utilizing O Globo online, presenting companies with the chance to reach audiences who are interested in sports, news and much more.


BandSports, launched in 2002, is a Brazilian cable television network that focuses entirely on sports. With around-the-clock programming that highlights the country’s athletic events, there is high preparation for journalistic coverage during the world’s largest sporting event, in the World Cup.

Although BandSports won’t be transmitting the live matches, their journalistic team will create interesting segments and exclusive content with player interviews, statistics, etc. to complement the viewer experience with the World Cup for the avid fans!

For advertisers, promoting campaigns during BandSports programming will mean the chance to instantly get in front of all different types of viewers. The channel provides all kinds of updated news focusing on sports, which will be at a premium for audiences throughout the tournament.

All five of these media platforms already offer unique advertising opportunities as it is, but will offer even more during the World Cup. If you are interested in advertising in one of these platforms in Brazil, learn about our exclusive packages for OOH and Print/Digtal we’re offering for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Photo by TheFA