Greatest Ad Growth Areas in Brazil

Broadcast TV Prevails

Broadcast TV continues to dominate the ad market in Brazil, according to Kantar Ibope
Media and Grupo de Mídia São Paulo’s March 2016 report.

Last year, broadcast TV made up 63% of the total ad spending, which is nearly seven times the rate of increase in spending on any other medium. Pay TV, lags far behind taking up only 9.2% of the total ad spending.

Year after year, broadcast TV has been the top category for ad spending in Brazil, and an August 2014 report from Ibope shows that the gap between broadcast TV and other forms of media is growing.

This means that broadcast TV ad spending is taking up more of the ad spending year by year, while the spending on other forms of media such as newspapers are declining.

Digital on the Rise

While broadcast TV remains the leader of ad spending in Brazil, digital ad spending is growing steadily.

brazil3eMarketer estimates that Brazil’s digital display ad spending will increase by 14.5% this year. Mobile ad spending in Brazil is estimated to increase 120% to $548.8 million, more than doubling its ad spending in that area.

By 2019, mobile ad spending is expected to reach $3.75 billion, representing 64.8% of all digital ad spending in Brazil. Currently, the primary sources of total digital investments in Brazil are search and classified advertisements.

What’s Next?

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