3 Important Trends in Brazilian Advertising and Media

brazil trendsWhen it comes to international countries and media placement, Brazil is certainly one of the countries where advertisers should be targeting for expansion in the coming years. The country’s consumer market is continually growing and it is second in social media usage behind the United States, according to the Wall Street Journal, making it a prime spot for those who are looking to expand their international audience.

Print is reaching new frontiers in Brazil

As Brazil continues to experience growing market share in advertising, newspapers hold the third largest market share in the country, according to eMarketer. Only trailing television and online, newspaper companies in Brazil are not standing still, either. They are exploring brand new ways in which their messaging and advertising can reach bigger audiences.

There are many innovative trends that Brazilian newspapers and magazines are experimenting with, including new creative formats and packaging for advertisements, such as pop-out displays. Magazines are experiencing their own surge in use in Brazil as well, taking the biggest percentage increase of all forms of media, according to a recent report from the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) in Brazil. While newspapers and magazines are seeing increases in market share, the advertisers are looking to make their own print advancements in the way they’re connecting with readers.

Cross-media is more common than ever

As television continues to surge in Brazil, cross-media, the use of a variety of media platforms in one campaign, is something to keep in mind with the development of advertisements. This strategy is important in most countries when it comes to television ads, but even more so with Brazil. According to statistics company Socialbakers, as of early 2013, Brazil is leading the world in Facebook growth and about 50 percent of those social media users are taking in programming while utilizing social media at the same time.

Just like in the United States, social media users are commenting on television instantly, which has presented a unique opportunity for advertisements, with regards to creativity and strategy. Make sure your advertisements are interactive, by blending in ties or mentions of social media, for a great way to expand the possibility of bigger audiences through television spots.

Internet use is still growing and so is digital marketing

Brazil had 10 million more internet users in 2012, and is expected to add 22 million to top the 100 million mark in 2013. With the internet continuing to be a prime source of media within the country, digital marketing will stay on the forefront of the advertising scene.

This means that advertisers should be scouting out the unique media options for cost-effective marketing of products and services in Brazil. The digital media and marketing landscape presents a variety of different options, such as banners, videos, social media and more. Even publications that have been circulating for years are keeping much of their focus online, presenting a great ROI opportunity for advertisers to reach audiences through the digital format.

There are plenty of other great trends going on in Brazil right now, with regards to marketing and advertising. Audiences are growing and advertisers need to be on the cutting-edge to reach them in the most direct way possible.

Multimedia, Inc. is home to exclusive media placement relationships with a number of large outlets in Brazil. If you’re interested in expanding your reach to Brazilian audiences through one of these formats or many more, contact us today.

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Multimedia, Inc. Launches First Phase of Redesigned Website for Easy Access to Worldwide Media Placement Services

Multimedia, Inc. has launched the first of three phases in a website redesign in order to increase connectivity with agencies and companies looking for premium advertising space around the world.

The launch of the new website will mark the first part of a digital expansion in 2013. By the summer, Multimedia, Inc. will make a variety of new additions to their online presence, with over 200 new pages, navigation by location and media type, new social media profiles, as well as in-depth information for each media outlet they represent. All of these resources will allow for a more efficient placement process, giving companies quick exposure to audiences around the world.

Beginning with the first phase, interactivity with the new site is increased with easier navigation. Agencies, companies and other visitors to the site are able to learn about Multimedia, Inc.’s relationships with different publications, broadcast companies and other media representatives around the world.

The brand new media pages include examples of some of the most prestigious opportunities with Multimedia, Inc., who maintains exclusive worldwide representation of print and digital publications such as O Globo, O Estado de S. Paulo, Valor Econômico, Época, Época Negócios, Marie Claire Brazil, Quem, Auto Esporte, Audi Magazine, as well as radio and television outlets such as BandNews, and out of home advertising companies such as Indoormidia, among many others.

The site will also feature a news section, allowing for the ability to explore updated industry information from a global perspective. It’s also setup for seamless sharing; meaning visitors soon will be able to post everything from the site’s news articles to media information instantly through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

The first phase in the website launch represents the next step for one of the global leaders in media representation. As the it continues to expand, the company will look to build more relationships in order to provide even greater premium placement access in newspapers, out of home, magazines, digital platforms, TV and radio for organizations around the world.