Multimedia, Inc. Celebrates 25 Years of International Media Placement

Multimedia, Inc. welcomes the New Year by proudly celebrating 25 years of helping clients with international media placement. Founded in the U.S. in 1991, our company began by representing the leading Brazilian newspaper O Globo, on an exclusive basis. Beyond this, we have dedicated our practice to excellence in forefront business views toward new technologies of communication.

As one of the first media placement companies to understand and promote digital media as the next frontier, our company is no stranger to innovation. This was evident in 1995, when we followed the first steps towards economic globalization by initiating an international expansion and forming a worldwide network of agents. We now operate with 82 highly experienced agents in 31 countries around the globe.

Since 1998, our company has been the absolute worldwide leader of Brazilian media representation, with the addition of leading media such as O Estado de S. Paulo, Lance! and later on, Valor Econômico. In 2000, we created the first and only pan regional business newspaper package in Latin America – the Business Newspapers Group (BNG). This unique package, which encompasses the leading business newspapers of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela, achieved immediate success upon its launch and continues to flourish.

Beyond Latin America, we also started a program to represent European, Asian and Middle Eastern media to the Americas in 2003. With the addition of the Hindustan Times of India in 2004, the People’s Daily of China in 2005 and the Izvestia of Russia in 2006, we became the only company in the U.S. to represent media from all BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) economies. Besides our original Latin American titles, we currently represent leading media from 26 countries.

In 2007 and 2008, we expanded our sales and media relations department to better handle the continued growth and volume of sales, as well as to provide better support to advertisers and business partners.

Our propelled growth and continued success over the last 25 years demonstrates that our company is the expert at helping businesses achieve exclusive, worldwide media placement. For information on our available opportunities and advertising packages, contact us today.


Newlink Group, in Coordination with Multimedia, Inc., Launches Innovative Virtual Reality Campaign

Sao PauloNewlink Group, a Miami-based consulting firm, has launched an innovative 360-degree virtual reality campaign to promote Dominican Republic tourism at São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) in São Paulo, Brazil. In coordination with Multimedia USA, the exclusive advertising representative of Modern Mídia and its entire media portfolio including São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport, Newlink is able to “bring the destination” to individuals through its virtual reality campaign titled Newlink Immerse.

In addition to São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport, Newlink Immerse has been launched in Bogota’s international airport as well as at a prominent shopping center in Buenos Aires. Individuals are able stop at the modern and branded Dominican Republic booths to charge their phones, rest and immerse themselves in the destination through a two-minute video highlighting the cities of Puerto Plata and Samaná. After individuals experience the 360-degree excitement of what it’s like to visit both cities, they are able to share their experience with friends, log into the destination’s app and learn more about the Dominican Republic so they are equipped with the tools to plan their next vacation in paradise.

Newlink’s media placement at São Paulo Guarulhos Airport was facilitated by our company, as we recently announced exclusive representation of Modern Mídia’s portfolio, including GRU, in August. As a leading U.S.-based international media representative, our partnership with Modern Mídia has allowed us to increase our clients’ presence in Brazil while expanding our international network.

At Multimedia, we have assisted clients such as Newlink Group in launching innovative and industry-changing campaigns in international markets for over 20 years. We are the exclusive representative for various Brazilian media, such as general interest newspapers O Globo and O Estado de S. Paulo, the business newspaper Valor Economico and Época magazines, Época and Época Negócios.

To learn more about our international media placements, including our exclusive representation of Modern Mídia, click here.

Multimedia, Inc. Announces Exclusive Representation of Brazil’s Modern Mídia

We are pleased to announce our exclusive advertising representation of Modern Mídia and its entire media portfolio, including São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport in Brazil’s most populous and wealthiest state. As a leading U.S.-based international media representative, our new partnership with Modern Mídia will allow us to increase our clients’ presence in Brazil while expanding our international network.

Sao Paulo AirportSão Paulo Guarulhos International Airport, known as GRU, is the largest international airport in Latin America. Serving over 100,000 passengers per day and nearly 40 million passengers in 2014, GRU has recently expanded by constructing passenger Terminal 3 and adding additional taxiways. The latest research conducted by Ipsos found that 70 percent of GRU’s passengers belong to the upper and middle socioeconomic classes.

Modern Mídia, majority owned by the Bandeirantes TV Network, operates some of the best out-of-home (OOH) facilities in Brazil. The addition of Modern Mídia represents an important step towards our goal to increase our presence in Brazil and to facilitate advertisement placement from the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America.

At Multimedia, we have over 20 years of experience serving advertising agencies and direct accounts. We are the exclusive representative for Brazilian media, such as the general interest newspapers O Globo and O Estado de S. Paulo, the business newspaper Valor Economico and Época magazines – Época and Época Negócios.

Our company is the only exclusive media representative in the U.S. that represents leading media from all BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China. We have a network of 82 agents in 31 countries across the world, and are headquartered in Orlando, Florida.



Reach and Representation: Multimedia, Inc. is Growing in 2013

2013 has already proven to be a year of growth for many businesses and Multimedia, Inc. is no different. With a newly updated website, recent additions to the staff and an expanding representation list, it has been a momentous year for the company.

New Business, New Hires

Roberto (Bob) Oliva is the newest addition to the company as the South Florida Regional Director. Bob is a business development expert with a variety of strong experience in different forms of media, advertising and sales management. His experience in media includes working in broadcasting for NBC, the Spanish International Network and ABC, in print for The Tribune Company and The Miami Herald, as well as a number of radio stations and digital properties.

Bob has a skilled background in product development, consulting and brand positioning, and has developed numerous strategic business development programs for media and communication companies in the US and Latin America. He will be based out of Miami, where client demands, exclusive representation and brand opportunities are constantly increasing. Bob is planning on hitting the ground running this year to continue building on the potential of Multimedia, Inc.’s media properties and brand exposure. With this newest hire, Multimedia, Inc. maintains its commitment to expansion and outreach.

Representing a World Leader

Another sign of the continuing growth of Multimedia, Inc. are the additions to our Latin American media portfolio and newspapers from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, such as the People’s Daily of China. This publication is the largest Chinese newspaper and one of the top 10 in the world, with an average daily circulation of 2.5 million copies.

With satellite printing in 41 Chinese cities and guaranteed early delivery to nearly all subscribers throughout the country, the newspaper offers advertisers a unique opportunity to take advantage of mass audiences.

With Multimedia, Inc. providing representation for The People’s Daily, it represents an important step in our desire to continue expanding throughout the world, specifically in areas such as Asia and Eastern Europe. “Multimedia firmly believes in fulfilling the growing advertising needs of American companies and institutions looking for business opportunities in the giant economies of Asia and those Eastern European nations that recently joined the European Union, and we want to provide them with the best professional service,” said Fernando Mariano, president of Multimedia, Inc.

2013 will continue to be a strong year of expansion and innovation for Multimedia, Inc., with even more useful information added to our website and continued representation around the world. It is our commitment to provide the chance to advertise in so many different new media outlets and larger audiences in other countries.

To learn more about one of the leaders in international media placement, Multimedia, Inc., visit our website!