Multimedia, Inc. Celebrates 25 Years of International Media Placement

Multimedia, Inc. welcomes the New Year by proudly celebrating 25 years of helping clients with international media placement. Founded in the U.S. in 1991, our company began by representing the leading Brazilian newspaper O Globo, on an exclusive basis. Beyond this, we have dedicated our practice to excellence in forefront business views toward new technologies of communication.

As one of the first media placement companies to understand and promote digital media as the next frontier, our company is no stranger to innovation. This was evident in 1995, when we followed the first steps towards economic globalization by initiating an international expansion and forming a worldwide network of agents. We now operate with 82 highly experienced agents in 31 countries around the globe.

Since 1998, our company has been the absolute worldwide leader of Brazilian media representation, with the addition of leading media such as O Estado de S. Paulo, Lance! and later on, Valor Econômico. In 2000, we created the first and only pan regional business newspaper package in Latin America – the Business Newspapers Group (BNG). This unique package, which encompasses the leading business newspapers of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela, achieved immediate success upon its launch and continues to flourish.

Beyond Latin America, we also started a program to represent European, Asian and Middle Eastern media to the Americas in 2003. With the addition of the Hindustan Times of India in 2004, the People’s Daily of China in 2005 and the Izvestia of Russia in 2006, we became the only company in the U.S. to represent media from all BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) economies. Besides our original Latin American titles, we currently represent leading media from 26 countries.

In 2007 and 2008, we expanded our sales and media relations department to better handle the continued growth and volume of sales, as well as to provide better support to advertisers and business partners.

Our propelled growth and continued success over the last 25 years demonstrates that our company is the expert at helping businesses achieve exclusive, worldwide media placement. For information on our available opportunities and advertising packages, contact us today.


A New Year Brings Continued Growth to Multimedia

As we ring in the new year, Multimedia has much to celebrate within our company. Our growing team remains committed to providing the best media placement services all year long as our business expands to include new roles and responsibilities for continued success.

New-Year-Brings-Multimedia-GrowthPromotions and Anniversaries

Managing Director

Fernanda Pucci Mariano has been promoted to the newly created position of Managing Director of Multimedia, Inc. A 2006 graduate of the University of Tampa, Fernanda joined Multimedia in 2008 as an administrative assistant. Working her way up since then, she has been the Business Development Director of Multimedia, pursuing new business opportunities and representing the company at congresses, seminars and tradeshows. Her promotion comes as a result of the success she has helped generate through this business development.

As the Managing Director of Multimedia, Fernanda will be responsible for the general management of the company, including all related administrative and financial functions. She will also further develop the company’s involvement in international activities.

Director of Sales and Marketing

Continuing as a significant contribution to the success of our company, Director of Sales and Marketing, Luza Palmborg, celebrated 15 years of outstanding work at Multimedia in 2014. Luza will continue to apply her experience and expertise, overseeing the sales department, marketing department and all activities regarding media relations.

Media Relations Team

Viviane Bispo, a 14-year veteran at Multimedia, has been promoted to Media Relations General Manager. Peter Martin and Julio Santos have also been promoted to Media Relations Manager and Digital Media Manager, respectively rounding out the management team for media relations under Viviane’s leadership.

Continuing Success

Multimedia continues to experience strong growth due to our loyal and valued clients and our dedicated employees. Our 20+ years of experience serving advertising agencies and direct accounts will continue to solidify us as a leader in the global media placement industry. We look forward to further company expansion and the new opportunities that emerging media markets will present for us and our clients in the years to come.

To discover how Multimedia can help your business with worldwide media placement opportunities in over 200 countries and in various platforms, contact us today.