Multimedia, Inc. Announces 3 New Brazilian OOH Ad Representations

Otima - Bus Shelter - 4Multimedia, Inc., a leader in international media placement, is proud to announce three important additions to its portfolio of top OOH Brazilian media. We now exclusively represent worldwide advertising for Sao Paulo Bus Shelters, Rio Harbor and Boardwalk and Airport Eco Media.

Sao Paulo Bus Shelters

Sao Paulo Bus Shelters, presented by Otima, is a premium OOH opportunity in Brazil’s largest city. Due to local regulations, no billboards are allowed within the city limits.

However, these innovative and modern bus shelters are one of the very few exceptions available and are highly recognized as the best OOH media in Sao Paulo.

Rio Harbor and Boardwalk

Otima is also responsible for media placement opportunities at Porto Maravilha in Rio de Janeiro – also known as the Rio Harbor and Boardwalk. This space boasts a total of five billion square feet for OOH advertising opportunities, visible to thousands of tourists daily. Rio Harbor and Boardwalk is also home to Rio’s revamped tourism port, the Museum of Tomorrow and the Mauá Square.

Airport Eco Media

Coletiva 2Airport Eco Media, presented by Coletiva, offers more than 1,000 advertising opportunities at 10 major airports throughout the country. Capitalizing on the green-friendly trends of consumers, Aiport Eco Media offers strategic ad placement on the towers throughout the airports that handle the collection of selective recyclable waste. Above the collection area are panels available for advertising. This provides a well-positioned viewing area for all OOH ads placed there.

2016 marks 25 years of Multimedia providing worldwide media representation. We have a network of 82 agents in 31 countries across the world and operate our sales team in Orlando, Florida.

Specifically, Multimedia is the exclusive advertising representative for several leading Brazilian media, such as the general interest newspapers O Globo and O Estado de S.Paulo, the business newspaper Valor Econômico and Época magazines – Época and Época Negócios – and their digital outlets. The company also proudly represents the two major Brazilian airports Guarulhos and Viracopos on an exclusive worldwide basis.

Are you interested in advertising in any of the countries Multimedia represents? Contact us today to learn how we can position your company in front of your ideal audience.


O Globo’s New Website Design for the World Cup

O Globo, one of the Brazilian media publishers Multimedia represents, is launching a completely redesigned website this month. This comes at a great time, in conjunction and celebration for the start of the World Cup in Brazil.

O Globo’s new website will feature: 

  • A cleaner layoutO Globo
  • More dynamic format
  • Increased content

This revamp reinforces O Globo’s position as a digital pioneer as well as being an established medium for diverse advertising campaigns in Brazil and around the world. You can choose targeted digital campaigns with innovative or traditional formats on O Globo’s new website design this summer. Find the O Globo digital media package for you here .

Projected Benefits

O Globo projects they will reach 22 million unique visitors per month. Reaching that height will mean a 25% increase in O Globo’s audience. They also predict their users will stay 25% longer on their website as the changes make the website more user friendly with increased content and readability.

Brazilian Advertising and the World Cup

This initiative isn’t surprising as we previously discovered that growth in internet use and digital marketing is one of three major trends in Brazilian advertising and media. The industry in Brazil is an obvious topic of interest for us due to the World Cup this year and Summer Olympics in 2016. Everyone is looking forward to see how these events stack up to the Super Bowl and Sochi Olympics.

There is still time to plan ahead for the 2016 Olympics and take advantage of the benefits of O Globo’s new website design. See why planning ahead is important and more about Rio 2016.