4 Advantages to Working With a Media Buying Agency

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Your team has spent countless hours developing a compelling ad campaign with high hopes of achieving impressive results. Now you’re ready to launch, but you want to maximize the reach of your efforts by expanding into a new market. There’s only one problem: You have no idea who to contact or how to get your ad in front of your desired audience.

This is where a media buying agency can help your campaign thrive. With the extensive knowledge and experience of the right agency, your campaign can achieve high exposure that results in the maximum ROI.

Here are the top four reasons why a media buying agency is a must for any company interested in global advertising:

Market Expertise

When choosing a media buying agency, you’re afforded the opportunity to work with a company that has extensive experience in your specific industry. They know the ins and outs of the digital and print marketplace, which means they understand the right moves to make and to avoid. You’ll be able to work with a team that understands the culture of your market, is aware of new and developing advertising trends and knows how to work within the economy of each country where you’d like to advertise.

More than just market knowledge, media buying agencies have worked to create long-standing relationships with reputable media outlets. This makes it significantly easier for them to work and publish on your behalf since there is already a relationship and trust established between the agency and outlets.

Advertising Savings

Because of the high volume of business they bring to vendors, media buyers are often able to negotiate favorable outcomes for their clients. Agencies also ensure their clients have the best terms and rates for their advertising goals, which may even result in bonus media space or extended contracts. With a media buying agency on your side, you can be confident that your business’ best interests are always first priority.

Overcome Language Barriers and Time ZonesBlog 2

We understand the great appeal of advertising overseas and the potential benefits it can have for a company. However, there’s one logistical issue standing in your way and that’s the language barrier. How are you going to get the best ad placement when you’re struggling to communicate a simple “hello”?

Agencies work with foreign vendors on a daily basis and are experts in dealing with changing time zones, be that within America or abroad. They eliminate the stress of communication to ensure the correspondence is most effective in achieving your goals.


As we’ve stated, agencies do more than just eliminate the layers of contact that you’re used to going through to execute a campaign. They thoroughly research the market you’re in and any available media opportunities so your campaign is placed in front of an engaged, responsive audience.

With this knowledge, agencies can streamline the process of placing ads in print, television, radio and more. This expediency can save you time, which will allow you to focus on more important aspects of your business.

At Multimedia, our highly trained specialists are well versed in advertising in over 31 different countries. From digital to print, whether on billboards or online, our advertising representatives are ready to help your brand reach a global audience.

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Newlink Group, in Coordination with Multimedia, Inc., Launches Innovative Virtual Reality Campaign

Sao PauloNewlink Group, a Miami-based consulting firm, has launched an innovative 360-degree virtual reality campaign to promote Dominican Republic tourism at São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) in São Paulo, Brazil. In coordination with Multimedia USA, the exclusive advertising representative of Modern Mídia and its entire media portfolio including São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport, Newlink is able to “bring the destination” to individuals through its virtual reality campaign titled Newlink Immerse.

In addition to São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport, Newlink Immerse has been launched in Bogota’s international airport as well as at a prominent shopping center in Buenos Aires. Individuals are able stop at the modern and branded Dominican Republic booths to charge their phones, rest and immerse themselves in the destination through a two-minute video highlighting the cities of Puerto Plata and Samaná. After individuals experience the 360-degree excitement of what it’s like to visit both cities, they are able to share their experience with friends, log into the destination’s app and learn more about the Dominican Republic so they are equipped with the tools to plan their next vacation in paradise.

Newlink’s media placement at São Paulo Guarulhos Airport was facilitated by our company, as we recently announced exclusive representation of Modern Mídia’s portfolio, including GRU, in August. As a leading U.S.-based international media representative, our partnership with Modern Mídia has allowed us to increase our clients’ presence in Brazil while expanding our international network.

At Multimedia, we have assisted clients such as Newlink Group in launching innovative and industry-changing campaigns in international markets for over 20 years. We are the exclusive representative for various Brazilian media, such as general interest newspapers O Globo and O Estado de S. Paulo, the business newspaper Valor Economico and Época magazines, Época and Época Negócios.

To learn more about our international media placements, including our exclusive representation of Modern Mídia, click here.

Advertising Spotlight: Mexico in 2015

Our advertising spotlight for September is focused on the vibrant nation of Mexico, one of Latin America’s top markets. Mexico boasts a free market economy with a mixture of modern and outmoded industry and agriculture. Recent administration has expanded competition in seaports, railroads, telecommunications, electricity, natural gas distribution and airports. Economic activity is projected to accelerate through 2017, with GDP growth strengthening from 2.9 percent in 2015 to 3.5 percent in 2017.

MexicoMedia Trends

As of mid-2015, Mexico has 51 million Internet users with a 41 percent penetration rate. Mexico has the second largest digital population in Latin America, with mobile advertising accounting for 30 percent of the country’s digital advertising spending. Seventy seven percent of Mexico’s digital population watches online videos, making it a global leader in online video consumption.

While digital media continues to grow in Mexico, traditional media remain large and influential outlets to advertise in. With almost 1,500 radio stations, over 400 newspapers and 1,600 magazines, Mexico offers businesses a variety of advertising opportunities.


Mexico has a great range of vegetation zones and natural environments. With its rugged and mountainous topography, countless microclimates can be found throughout the country. Bordering the Caribbean, Pacific Ocean, United States, Belize and Guatemala, Mexico is a hub for businesses throughout North, Middle and South America.


Mexico is the 15th largest economy in the world and 11th largest when taking power purchasing parity into account. In 2015, economic growth is forecasted to rebound to almost four percent. Due to rising wages within the U.S., Mexico recently gained global competitiveness as an automobile exporter with companies such as Volkswagen, Toyota and General Motors increasing their production within the country. With its recent economic growth, Mexico is an emerging market with diverse advertising opportunities within.

Media Outlet Showcase – The Luxe and Class Magazine

The Luxe and Class Magazine is the leading luxury magazine of Mexico. Published bi-monthly, the magazine has a circulation of nearly 30,000 throughout the country. As a unique concept that reflects the essence of luxury, 93 percent of readers have a college degree or higher and 72 percent of readers belong to the country’s upper class. Readers regard The Luxe and Class as a quality source for luxury trends and news.

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Image: “Palacio de Bellas Artes” https://www.flickr.com/photos/66208256@N00/404023488

Multimedia, Inc. Announces Exclusive Representation of Brazil’s Modern Mídia

We are pleased to announce our exclusive advertising representation of Modern Mídia and its entire media portfolio, including São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport in Brazil’s most populous and wealthiest state. As a leading U.S.-based international media representative, our new partnership with Modern Mídia will allow us to increase our clients’ presence in Brazil while expanding our international network.

Sao Paulo AirportSão Paulo Guarulhos International Airport, known as GRU, is the largest international airport in Latin America. Serving over 100,000 passengers per day and nearly 40 million passengers in 2014, GRU has recently expanded by constructing passenger Terminal 3 and adding additional taxiways. The latest research conducted by Ipsos found that 70 percent of GRU’s passengers belong to the upper and middle socioeconomic classes.

Modern Mídia, majority owned by the Bandeirantes TV Network, operates some of the best out-of-home (OOH) facilities in Brazil. The addition of Modern Mídia represents an important step towards our goal to increase our presence in Brazil and to facilitate advertisement placement from the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America.

At Multimedia, we have over 20 years of experience serving advertising agencies and direct accounts. We are the exclusive representative for Brazilian media, such as the general interest newspapers O Globo and O Estado de S. Paulo, the business newspaper Valor Economico and Época magazines – Época and Época Negócios.

Our company is the only exclusive media representative in the U.S. that represents leading media from all BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China. We have a network of 82 agents in 31 countries across the world, and are headquartered in Orlando, Florida.




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Advertising Across Media Outlets through Storytelling

content-experienceWith so many options of product and service providers across all markets, the fight to stand out and engage with your desired audience can become very difficult.

However, one of the most powerful ways a brand can identify and engage with their customers is by telling a story. When you combine a well-defined story with your advertising across various media outlets, you end up with a much more successful impact on your target audience.

In this blog article we are going to discuss how to tell a great story for your brand’s campaign and how to integrate it in your advertising across various media outlets.

How to Tell a Story

The creation of compelling storytelling engages the audience by adding emotional appeal and authenticity to your brand. When creating a narrative for your advertising campaigns, it is more than just “branded content.” It is content that makes the audience emotionally relate to your campaign so that they feel connected with the brand and are more inclined remember you and potentially share information about you with others.

Your story can be long, it can be short, it can be serious, or it can be funny. As long as it creates a strong feeling for your audience that they can relate to, it will have better resonance with your audience.

Integrating Across Media Campaigns

Stories connect with real human experiences, cutting through the clutter of standard advertisements. However, to drive the goals of an advertising campaign, the story must carry through multiple forms of media. Creating a story that spans across multiple media outlets creates greater potential to:

  • Reach a larger portion of your audience
  • Create a longer-term impact
  • Enhance brand recognition within your audience
  • Allow you to provoke higher engagement across media outlets

You can use traditional formats – such as TV, billboards and newspaper – and combine it with digital media formats – such as digital ad placement and your own website – to enhance the story you are trying to tell in the campaigns.

As stated in Pickton and Broderick’s book Integrated Marketing Communications, there are 4 Cs that should be followed when working to integrate a story and advertising campaign across multiple outlets:

  • Coherence – different communications are logically connected
  • Consistency – multiple messages support and reinforce, and are not contradictory
  • Continuity – communications are connected and consistent through time
  • Complementary – synergistic, or the sum of the parts is greater than the whole


A great example of telling a strong and relatable story across various advertising outlets was Nike’s Find Your Greatness campaign. This launched in association with the Olympics and used the idea that greatness is not just for elite athletes, but is something everyone can aspire to in our own way.

It connects Nike’s brand slogan – Just Do It – to real people taking part in amateur sports. It was placed in TV ads before, during and after the Olympics, as well as relevant print magazines and digital ad placement, with consistent messaging and with the various ad formats complementing each other in a cohesive presentation.

Getting Your Story Placed

Once you have developed a branded story, it’s a matter of finding the RIGHT media outlets to launch your campaign. Multimedia gives advertisers exclusive access to multiple media placement opportunities to capture the interest of your target market, whether through tradition or digital advertising.

If you would like to learn more about our exclusive placement opportunities to help tell your story, contact us.

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Advertising Spotlight: Russia in 2015

Our advertising spotlight for June is focused on the sprawling nation of Russia, the largest nation in land mass in the world. Russia is home to the sixth-largest economy, possessing numerous natural resources, a diverse industry base and a well-educated population. With a growing urban middle class and strong market for reaching consumers via digital and traditional forms of media, Russia’s advertising opportunities are promising and geared toward expansion.


Research indicates that traditional media in Russia is stronger than the global average. Reports predict that the Russian media market will become the fifth-largest TV advertising market in the world, behind only the United States, Japan, China and Brazil. Likewise, the TV advertising and internet access share of the Russian media market was projected with stable increases by almost 50 percent from 2010 to 2015.

Additionally, the opportunities to reach customers via mobile are expanding. Despite Russia’s sprawling land mass, the infrastructure lacks a low-cost postal service, reliable air, rail and road distribution channels. This perhaps explains the rapid adoption of digital technology by Russian consumers. Home to over 53 million internet users, Russia boasts the largest internet marketing audiences in Europe.


Russia’s land mass is 1.74 times that of the United States and covers nine time zones. The population is concentrated in the western part of the country, far away from major cities such as St. Petersburg and Moscow. Aside from those large cities though are 10 other Russian cities with populations above one million that offer plenty of opportunities to reach stable middle-class customers.

In 2010, the Russian media market grew by 13 percent and is estimated today to be worth $35.7 billion USD. Between 15 and 25 percent of the country’s 144 million citizens belong to the middle class, expected to grow by 16 percent by the year 2020. Sales have risen by an average of 57 percent for U.S. companies that have designated Russia as their largest international market, compared to India at 38 percent, China at 26 percent, and Brazil at 19 percent growth. Among the BRIC economies and a recent entrant to the WTO, Russia is identified an emerging economic powerhouse with numerous advertising opportunities within.

Media Outlet Showcase – Izvestia

Izvestia is one of the most traditional and influential newspapers in Russia. Started in 1917, the newspaper is now published daily with a circulation of over 359,700 nationwide. Readers respect and trust Izvestia for its journalistic objectivity and professional analysis of major domestic and international issues. Politicians and top executives throughout Russia appeal to Izvestia as a quality news source that contains in-depth coverage of events that grab national attention.

If you would like to learn more about advertising in Russia or Izvestia, contact us.





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President of Multimedia, Inc. Receives Outstanding Business Achievement Award


We are pleased to announce that our president, Fernando Mariano, was awarded the Outstanding Business Achievement Award by the Focus Brasil Foundation.

The Business Press Awards was celebrated at a dinner event for 200 guests, held on May 7 at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Mr. Mariano was recognized for his outstanding accomplishments as the president and founder of Multimedia, as well as for his contributions to the Brazilian business community in the United States. With over 50 years in the communications business, he founded and led Multimedia to become a prominent media placement agency for print and digital publications all over the world.

Fernando-Mariano-Business-Press-AwardsMr. Mariano was one of eleven winners to receive awards at the inaugural Business Press Awards, which was created by the Focus Brasil Foundation to recognize and celebrate Brazilian men and women who stand out for their success stories as entrepreneurs in the United States.

According to the producer of the event, Andrea Vianna, the Business Award can serve as an incentive for other Brazilians to be courageous in opening their own businesses. “From experience we know that the awards are a great stimulus, because the public recognition and celebration of achievements is often as or more valuable than purely commercial success,” commented Vianna.

The Press Business Awards is yet another hallmark celebration brought on by the Focus Brasil Foundation, which has become an international beacon for the organization of events that project the Brazilian community into the social and cultural landscape of America, Europe and Asia.

Mr. Mariano was among other award recipients such as Flávio Augusto da Silva, Chairman and Majority Owner of Orlando City Soccer Club; and Dr. Anthony Portigliatti, President of Florida Christian University. Brazilian individuals recognized by the Business Press Awards were celebrated for their stories of overcoming obstacles while doing business abroad, all the while cultivating the spirit of entrepreneurial vision to lead and inspire the worldwide Brazilian business community.